Consultation & Specialised Treatments for People with
Primary and Secondary Lymphoedemas and Sports Injuries

Tania's explanations on lymphoedema, her advice on exercising and her help in acquiring garments was excellent. Her professional and clinical treatment of manual lymph drainage and bandaging is first class.
Her good humoured personality and sunny disposition ensures that even the most self-conscious of us clients are put at ease. Read More
lymph nodes


Complete Decongestive Therapy
manual lymphatic drainage

Treatment for Primary and Secondary Lymphoedema incorporating Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) bandaging garment fitting and self care.
Consultation for Primary and Secondary Lymphoedema. Treatments are based on each individual case and where necessary with their consultant oncologist.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage
complete decongestive therapy

Qualified in Lymphatic Drainage, particularly post liposuction procedures to reduce inflammation/swelling and bruising quickly. Treatment for oedema following orthopedic, cosmetic, knee or hip surgery. Helps Sinus Fibromyalgia and improves sleep patterns.
Specialised treatment tailored to the individual, redirects lymph flow & reduces odeoma. Recommended afer surgical proceedures to reduce swelling. MLD Ireland

Sports Injury Massage
sports injury massage

Qualified in Neuromuscular Physical Therapy treating common muscular and ligament problems such as back, neck, shoulder, golfers/tennis elbow, frozen shoulder/rotary cuff injuries.
Deep tissue massage and neuromuscular pressure points to alleviate pain & discomfort. Techniques are used to treat muscular, ligament and tendon problems.

Kinesio Taping
kinesio taping

Qualified in Kinesio Taping for Injury. Helping to support and aid the body's healing and used in lymphoedema to help redirect lymph flow and reduce oedema.
Professional athletes use kinesio taping to improve their sporting performance, prevent injury and allow them to return to sport quicker.
Gareth Bale - Kineseo Taping


Treatments are now covered by VHI and Laya